Ex-Goldman banker barred from banking for leaking confidential Fed info

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The man – who had been talking to his brother and his fiancée about very intimate’ issues including his sexual health – was fired for breaking company rules which barred staff. at risk by sharing.

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Ex-Goldman banker barred from banking for leaking confidential Fed info Ex-Goldman Sachs Banker Bansal Gets Probation Over Fed Leak .. An ex-Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker who got a former colleague to steal documents from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was.

Gupta is accused of leaking inside information. bank oversight. So-called shadow banking, in which nonbank institutions create loans or raise funds, “has been only obliquely addressed,” Tarullo.

A few blocks away, meanwhile, another of the giant bank’s regulators, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. hardly scathing (it didn’t cite any examples of confidential data actually leaking.

NEW YORK — Rajat Gupta, a consummate business insider who once sat on the board of Goldman Sachs Group, was convicted on Friday of leaking secrets about the investment bank at the height. finding.

Investments Ex-Goldman banker barred from banking for leaking confidential Fed info Rohit Bansal pleads guilty to theft of confidential information from the Fed

Ex-Goldman Banker Wants Final Fed Decision On Lifetime Ban. that he hadn’t reported a leak of confidential information to the necessary parties, according to a complaint the bank filed.

A former Goldman Sachs () employee will never work in banking again, after pleading guilty to charges of stealing confidential information from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. On Thursday, the Fed permanently barred Rohit Bansal, who was able to obtain confidential information from the New York Fed because he was an employee of the New York Fed before going to work at Goldman Sachs, from.

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Ex-Goldman Banker and Fed Employee Will Plead Guilty in Document Leak. The Fed has barred six people so far this year, a significant increase from the three preceding years.. accessing confidential information about a banking client with permission from regulators. Goldman has rarely if.

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