This MBA homebuilder chart shows exactly what a sawtoothed recovery looks like

As it stands now, the deal would allocate $17 billion specifically for principal reductions and other relief for up to one million borrowers whose homes are underwater. The White House plans to. · Moreover, for certain FHA programs, no annual mortgage insurance was required before, only upfront mortgage insurance premium was needed. The 2012 Lending data shows that FHA lenders originated a total of $233 billion in FHA-insured loans, an increase of 22% over 2011.This secret about 2 rooms in your house could make all the difference Don’t let your small kitchen limit your culinary dreams. There are tons of small kitchen design ideas that can make your tiny kitchen more efficient and look bigger. Check out some of my favorite ideas and learn how to make the most of your small kitchen.

The chart above shows that affordability is not good today. Where do we stand at the moment? Back to where things were in 2008 according to the NAR. 2008 wasn’t exactly a good year if you recall. Even though affordability was horrible in the 2000s, we had no income, no job, and no pulse loans floating around. Basically a student loan.