Permanent HAMP mods fall 26% in August

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 · A borrower that fails to make current trial period payments for a HAMP Tier 1 TPP is not eligible for a HAMP Tier 1 permanent modification of that loan, but the loan may be eligible for HAMP Tier 2 if the modified P&I payment under HAMP Tier 2 is at least 10 percent less than the P&I payment under the HAMP Tier 1 TPP and the other HAMP Tier 2.

Homeowners currently in HAMP permanent modifications with some form of principal reduction.. Feb Mar Apr May June July aug sep oct nov dec jan. 2014. homeowner's post-modification DTI falling within an allowable target range.6. 26%. 22%. 38%. 10%. 45%. 29%. 46%. 35%. 25%. 18%. 18%. 10%. 6%. 9%.

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HAMP Modifications Reach Too Few Homeowners. 26. 2. Servicers Do.. national loan modification standards must not fall into the same trap that.. tions .133 As of August 2012, only 831,661 loans had been permanently.

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I am a typical housewife trying to get a loan mod approved by chase. I was first approved in August for the HAMP however my trial payments.. February 3, 2010 at 9:26 pm.. We fell behind on our payments when my husbands income. the borrower will not be eligible for the permanent modification.