CitiMortgage paying borrowers $12,000 after a short sale

CitiMortgage is offering financial incentives to borrowers to help reduce the short sale processing time. CitiMortgage’s short sale program on average is paying $12,000 in borrower cash incentives for short sales in 2011. Short sale incentives are offered to customers experiencing financial hardship who need funds to proceed with the short sale.

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CitiMortgage, the mortgage servicing arm of Citigroup is paying borrowers an average $12,000 after completing a short sale this year alone. Justin Rand, the senior vice president of loss mitigation at the bank, said servicers are putting more of an emphasis on streamlining the process and became more proactive when pursuing a short sale ahead of foreclosure.

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Citimortgage Short Sale – Citi Short Sale. Our experience comes from completing 100’s of short sales and one of our "favorite" (if you can call it a favorite, we don’t like the short sale process) is Citi Short Sales.. Careful when you visit their website, they suggest a Deed-in-lieu, which for a Citi Short Sale in GA, is the same as a foreclosure, just minus the legal process.

CitiMortgage, the mortgage servicing arm of Citigroup is paying borrowers an average $12,000 after completing a short sale this year. Justin Rand, the senior vice president of loss mitigation at.

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Citi just sent me an email that "Mortgage Insurance" denied the short sale, it appears the investor would like to allow the short sale, but "mortgage insurance" is saying "no way." Is there any way around this? Should I advise my sellers to stop paying their mortgage?

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