Courts likely to apply same discrimination theories in HUD, CFPB cases

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The Justice Department recently announced that the owner and manager of rental properties in New York will be obligated to pay $850,000 in damages and civil penalties to resolve two fair housing lawsuits alleging that he sexually harassed numerous female applicants and residents for nearly three.

The CFPB’s loss suggests that parties willing to litigate against the CFPB may achieve success even if they lose on the merits, as courts appear reluctant to award the robust remedies the CFPB typically demands, particularly in cases where the CFPB’s claims do not sound in fraud or are based on novel legal theories.

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The CFPB referred to a 2015 Supreme Court decision in Texas Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, as its reason for re-examining disparate impact. The decision said that disparate impact claims, under which a lender can be cited for unintentional discrimination, require that a plaintiff prove a defendant’s policies caused the alleged disparity.

A federal district court in Kentucky recently ruled against the CFPB in a long-standing case under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) involving a Louisville, Kentucky law firm borders & Borders, PLC (Borders).

However observers think that a ruling limiting the use of disparate impact on housing finance could only entice companies to challenge the CFPB and other regulators on using the same theory under ECOA. "It’s likely the CFPB would say it’s a different statute and will continue to pursue disparate impact-theories of liability until there.

The White House budget office advised lawmakers not to push forward with a bill that would reduce funding levels for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and terminate the Home Affordable.

Mortgage applications shoot up 14.8% After some homes were damaged by floods, owners would fix them up, make cosmetic changes and put the houses. She received a FEMA grant to demolish it, but she still had a mortgage and the bank.

In which of the following types of cases does a plaintiff attempt to prove that while an employer’s policy or practice appears to apply to everyone equally, its actual effect is that it disproportionately limits employment opportunities for a protected class?

RealtyTrac: Buying a home is unaffordable in 18% of counties IRVINE, CA, Sep 04, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — RealtyTrac. (18 percent) and Wyoming (19 percent). Debt or no debt, some markets are unaffordable There were 12 counties of the 494 analyzed.