SEC fines hedge fund advisor for inflating mortgage bond prices

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a pair of former head traders who ran the commercial mortgage-backed securities (cmbs) desk at Nomura Securities International Inc. with deliberately lying to customers in order to inflate the profits of the CMBS desk and line their own pockets as a result.

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Start studying FIN 350 Test 1 ch. 2-7. learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.. a. securities prices are randomly determined. rates of return reported by mutual funds a. are reported after taxes

The SEC charged NYC-based investment adviser premium point Investments with inflating the value of private funds it advised by hundreds of millions of dollars.Also charged were the firm’s co-founder/CEO/CIO and 2 former employees. PLAYERS. Premium Point was founded in 2008 and in 2009 became an SEC-registered investment advisor when it launched its flagship credit mortgage fund.

We have organized this year’s SEC enforcement actions against investment advisers into the following 15 categories, each of which we discuss below: The adviser took fees to which it was not entitled. The adviser used fund assets to pay for expenses the adviser should have borne.

About half of the fund’s assets are now invested in non-agency securities and senior mortgage-backed bonds purchased at distressed prices, while the other half. While Gundlach sees inflation as an.

The advisors. funds for that in a "supersafe" portfolio. He also recommends a "diversifier portfolio" that invests in asset classes designed to hedge against risk. Today, that means everything from.

The PIMCO Flexible Credit Income Fund (PFLEX) utilizes a flexible, multi-sector credit strategy that can invest in higher-yielding, less liquid securities in an attempt to provide risk-adjusted returns and current income. Learn more about the interval fund.

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Some investment advisers “were just raping their CDOs for the benefit of their hedge funds.” The lawsuit is the SEC’s first from the. purchase about $22 million of mortgage-backed bonds in the open.

Deer Park Road Management agreed to pay a $5m penalty to the SEC for compliance failures.

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Regulators are reacting to an explosion in derivatives and mortgage-backed bonds that. "the SEC staff was fairly laissez faire" unless they caught an investment adviser "inflating assets to charge.