US Bancorp pays $200M to resolve FHA mortgage-lending violations

Mortgage servicers handle loan modification applications from homeowners. Unfortunately, servicers sometimes make serious errors when processing modification requests. This can cause a number of problems for a homeowner, like missing out on getting the loan modified or even a wrongful foreclosure.. Read on to learn about the most common servicer violations when it comes to loan modifications.

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US Bancorp to Pay $200M for underwriting bad fha loans February 16, 2015 by Begelman and Orlow Whistleblowers come in all shapes and sizes but, when proof of fraudulent activity hits the hallowed halls of giant banking institutions that seem almost untouchable, it really makes you shake your head.

U.S. Bank Reaches $200 Million Settlement With Government for FHA Violations. U.S. Bank is a banking services company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp, a bank holding company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The settlement was the result of a joint investigation conducted by HUD,

Inside Varo Money's three-year quest for a bank charter (American Banker), Rated: A. Just ask. Think Finance to Pay CFPB $ 7 for Loan Violations ( Bloomberg Law), Rated: A. Capital One drives auto finance deal with CarGurus (Finextra), Rated: A.. News Comments Today's main news: SoFi reports $200 M loss in Q2.

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MetLife Home Loans LLC has agreed to pay the United States $123.5 million to resolve alleged Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage lending violations, the Department of Justice recently announced. The violations did not involve reverse mortgage loans, the Department of Justice confirmed.

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