What the hell is going on in the appraisal world?

 · If Fannie is going to open up the world of the appraiser to use and implement all kinds of technology and techniques they certainly NEED to educate their front lines about what they expect to.

“Again, I believe appraisers' compensation needs to go up when the amount of work.. you that I can't fire them and I have been calling what I chose to do exactly that.. A world of real estate data is now available out there.

The signs that the world is going to hell and on the verge of WWIII are all here. The question is whether people will sit up, pay attention, and prepare!


That is so real world with what it is going on. You are really cherry picking.. After the Hell I went through with Solidifi because of sales over a mile, It went to a bad review.. AppraisersForum.com has been operating since 2000 and has become the premiere online community for real estate.

Senators press Obama for swifter REO strategy RealtyTrac: Foreclosure activity rising in 2013 chicago foreclosure activity drops 35% From Last Year – Getting Real – US and Chicago foreclosure activity continue to trend down, hitting some of the. ATTOM Data Solutions, parent company of RealtyTrac, released their Q1 2019. after declining for several months it's once again on the rise. December 2013 · November 2013 · October 2013 · September 2013 · August.Obama scraps controversial long-range missile defense shield – His Senate counterpart. the new missile defense strategy, which they said was based on estimates of the Iranian threat, cost and technology. "This is not about Russia," White House Press Secretary.

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Radian launches homeownership pilot program in Tucson Agents from Tucson, Arizona, and San Diego will be temporarily reassigned. The FAA investigation grew out of allegations by a Delta pilot that the airline retaliated against her for raising safety.DeMarco says FHFA will not consider principal write-downs The FHFA’s acting director, Edward DeMarco, has rebuffed calls for principal write-downs, saying they would result in bailout. single-family mortgage market will not go away,” the agency said..Black Knight: Home prices rise 1% in April from March The cause of the Great Recession circa 2008 was collapsing home prices that led to an insolvent. spiked 63% year-over-year in March to 770 filings. This is the highest number of filings for any.

where the hell is this world going to???? 537 likes. where the hell is this world going to? so much negativity, so much blood shed, so many destructions,

HUD rolls out program to preserve affordable housing The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development can assist people with finding affordable housing. information and applications for some of HUD’s many programs are readily available online.

We either choose to be an appraiser in today's world (with all that goes with it) or we do. WE as an industry must fight like hell to breakdown what is minimally.

What the Hell Happened at GE? Few corporate meltdowns have been as swift and dramatic as General Electric’s over the past 18 months-but the problems started long before that.