Pennsylvania mortgage foreclosure diversion program benefits servicers

If you fall behind on your mortgage payments and permanently move out of your Pennsylvania home, you might face an expedited foreclosure process. Under the state’s fast-track law , once your lender shows that you’ve abandoned the property, it can skip any foreclosure diversion program requirements and the sheriff generally must order a foreclosure sale within 60 days.

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A mortgage foreclosure in Pennsylvania is the culmination of a lengthy series of personal and financial events. For each mortgage foreclosure, there is a story of how one person, a couple, or occasionally, a group of people, arrived at this unhappy state.

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Foreclosure diversion programs are popular in Pennsylvania, but one local lawyer says lenders and servicers need to change their game when partaking in this process due to its inherently clunky.

Pennsylvania does not have a statewide foreclosure mediation or diversion program. However, some Pennsylvania counties have implemented foreclosure diversion (or conciliation) programs. Eligibility for Foreclosure Diversion. In order to be eligible to participate in a foreclosure diversion program, the borrower must generally meet the following criteria: the lender filed a complaint for mortgage foreclosure

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The Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program is a special process for mortgage foreclosure cases in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County.. The benefit of the Diversion Program to the homeowner.. , a non-profit legal services organization, operates the.

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Legal Description By Metes And Bounds The Washington County Court of Common Pleas mortgage foreclosure court began in May 2009 with the assistance of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services, Inc. The program requires plaintiffs in mortgage foreclosure cases to notify defendants of owner-occupied residences of the possibility of participation in this program.

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The Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program essentially creates an alternative resolution to litigation for homeowners facing foreclosure and the lenders bringing the foreclosure actions. The Program is limited to owner-occupied residential properties within Philadelphia.

But there’s no automatic support for low-income people facing civil fights such as mortgage foreclosure. Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont, according to the New York State Interest on Lawyer Account.