Moody’s: $10.3 Billion in US CDO Downgrades During October

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House Committee approves Mortgage Choice Act Wells Sees 60-70% Loss Severity in Option-ARMs Sudden visual loss is a common complaint with variable presentations among patients of different ages. The differential diagnoses of sudden vision loss are vast. In general, monocular vision loss usually indicates an ocular problem. binocular vision loss is usually cerebral in origin. Monocular vision loss may respect the horizontal midline.The House Financial Services Committee marked and favorably reported the H.R. 3211, the Mortgage Choice Act. It can now be referred to the House floor for consideration.

Warren Buffett on the Financial & Housing Crisis and Credit Rating Agencies (2010) 595 Notes to Chapter 11 36. Moody’s Investors Service, "Moody’s downgrades .4 billion of 2006 Subprime First-Lien RMBS and Affirms $280 billion Aaa’s and Aa’s," October 11, 2007; "October 11 Rating Actions Related to 2006 Subprime First-Lien RMBS," Structured Finance: Special Report, October 17, 2007, pp. 1-2.

The SEC complaint said that 83% of the residential mortgage securities in Abacus were downgraded by October 2007, about six months after the deal was completed. By November 2007, the triple-A ratings.

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Moody’s: $10.3 Billion in US CDO Downgrades During October. As of October 31, a total of 734 tranches from 227 SF CDO deals or approximately US$47.5 billion (8.8% of Moody’s rated CDOs by dollar volume) remained on review for downgrade. According to a new report issued by the agency, the October actions bring CDO downgrades for calendar year 2007.

One market participant even questioned whether this was the end of the ABS CDO market altogether. On the heels of Moody’s recent downgrade of $33.4 billion of securities issued in 2006 that are backed by first-lien subprime mortgages, Standard & Poor’s last week lowered the ratings on 402 first-lien U.S. subprime RMBS classes, totaling $4.6.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE: abk) (ambac) today released an update related to the current environment and the impact of a potential downgrade by Moody’s. The.

Primed for Trouble: Pace of Mortgage Distress Shifts to Prime Borrowers  · Meanwhile, annual housing starts have declined by more than 70 percent from peak levels, and the homeownership rate declined to 66.7 percent by the third quarter of 2010. The record levels of mortgage credit distress that triggered the wider financial crisis began in subprime and nontraditional loans, but spread to prime loan portfolios.

Moody’s downgraded a total of 1,331 tranches of U.S. dollar-denominated resecuritizations in 2007. These accounted for 92 percent of the 1,448 downgrade actions for all CDOs during the year. Within the dollar-denominated resecuritization category, downgrades were heavily concentrated in the 2006 and 2007 vintages.

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Reserves for loan losses should build to $10.3 billion, up from $8.5 billion. The growth of net charge-offs is expected to slow to less than 20% in the quarter. In the prior period, charge-offs.