Are we headed toward a ‘retail apocalypse?’

 · Bottom Line: Retail Apocalypse Could Become Retail Euphoria. The stars are aligning for a record-smashing holiday season for retailers. Financial conditions are ideal for robust growth in retail sales. Consumer confidence is near multi-decade highs, real wage growth has been solid, and wintery weather conditions have been favorable.

Retail Apocalypse: More Than 6,000 Stores Are Closing In 2019 We are definitely heading for something! Now there are some that will say "the world will end on such and such day". The Bible does NOT tell us what day that will be. God’son, Jesus will know when God tells Him. The angels in heaven do not know. T.

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Like a handful of other large, battered retailers, if it cannot sharply reverse course, it could be headed toward bankruptcy. tremendous opportunity and we recognize that there needs to.

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The overall health of retail is actually solid. Spending continues to grow steadily. But several macroeconomic trends are driving the push toward a smaller store base – including the rise of e-commerce, the over-supply of malls, and shifting demographics as young Americans are flocking to cities – have conspired to change the face of American shopping.

 · THE end of the world is upon us and there are countless signs that point to the apocalypse, according to militant Christians. The most obvious sign for Christian conspiracy theorists is the seemingly imminent war between Iran and Israel. Christians tout Israel as the Holy Land and an attack on that is an attack on God, they believe. Website Signposts of the Times points to Ezekiel.

The smartphone has exploded onto the retail scene and has fundamentally changed the way consumers shop. In 2018 we saw 4,500 stores shut down operations in North America, compared with only 2,500.

Is the U.S. headed toward a financial apocalypse? Users. Yes I think so. Not only the US though. The stock market is being fattened up for the kill as we speak.. mortgage, student, and auto loans, government deficit spending, overpriced healthcare, and fast food/retail jobs. How can anyone.

The only problem is that, this year, the sales generated by Black Friday are more and more heading online. of something we may not miss that much, there is a chance to revive what is actually good.