California’s housing affordability crisis isn’t going away

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Researcher proposes how to solve the U.S. affordable housing crisis A sweeping new bill targets California’s housing crisis: A. – A sweeping new bill targets California’s housing crisis: A chat with the activist who first dreamed up SB 827. but isn’t the question up for debate of whether the Housing Accountability Act. you’re going to take away Prop 13 too, so that recipe means only the most elite get the home with a backyard now..

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With a growing homeless population and daunting goals in front of them, California’s housing leaders say they are determined to tackle the affordability crisis. "We are really trying to work together and streamline our processes, figure out how to meet Gov. Gavin Newsom’s goal of building 3.5.

While California has had a housing affordability problem for more than 30 years, it may just now be threatening the California Dream since the state’s economy has significantly shifted from a diverse, across-the-state economy to a Silicon Valley/Bay Area-centric economy, where the housing crisis is particularly acute – 78 percent in the Bay.

Matthew Polamalu was spending 1.5 hours each day commuting back and forth to community college along Southern California..

Even if the full housing package passes through the Legislature, however, the policies under consideration cannot be expected to solve California’s housing affordability crisis. Steps need to be taken to begin to address the housing crisis, but the state’s limited ability to directly and dramatically increase housing production means that.

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That’s just one finding presented at a conference at Chapman University in Orange on how to fix California’s housing crisis. More than a dozen speakers from state and local government, think.

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The California housing crisis is damaging our very existence. Homelessness is higher than any point during my lifetime. High housing costs are a drag on our local employers. Many working poor have a job, but live out of their vehicles. Many commute as many as four hours a day just to make a living. People are leaving our state to find the middle class American dream elsewhere.

Scott Littlehale served on the Technical Committee of the Committee to House the Bay Area, and is the author of “Rebuilding California: the Golden State’s Housing Workforce Reckoning,” He wrote this commentary for CALmatters. affordability ambition California Construction Housing Affordability Crisis immigrants.

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